Churt Heritage

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Churt is a village in the Surrey Hills in south west Surrey.  Although it is now both a separate ecclesiastical and civil parish, it was, for centuries, a tithing of the ancient parish of Frensham.  The whole of this area was part of the Manor of Farnham, the Lord of the Manor was the Bishop of Winchester. 

Churt was always a district without a single centre and the name has been in use since at least the twelfth century.  The name Churt is derived from the word ‘chart’ meaning a rough common overrun with gorse, bracken and furze, very suitable for this area!  It occurs in several other place names in Surrey.

It was never a nuclear village; it was an area of scattered farmsteads where small farmers eked out a living on the poor soil. 

The tithing of Churt has a long history, and the goal of this site is to provide information about, and build interest in, the history of the village of Churt.