Our Objectives

Churt Heritage was formed in 2017 by a group of residents who were keen that the considerable volume of historic documents, scrap books, photographs, maps, etc. which resided in private hands were not lost to the community and were more readily available for study.  

Our activities are planned and co-ordinated by a team, currently comprising:

Chairman Gillian Devine

Honorary President – Olivia Cotton

Secretary John Brain

Honorary Treasurer Charmian Brain

Committee members Matthew Alexander, Andrew Hall, David Gay, Shelagh Jones, David Madgwick

Our objectives are

to collect and store safely all of the research which has already been done, and everything which we hope will be done in the future

to make this material available to everyone who is studying either this area or their family who once lived in this area

to pass this knowledge on to everyone who lives in this village

to collect and store documents and artefacts relating to Churt

to encourage an interest in local history

to foster a community spirit.

Are you interested in the history of your house, local residents, our school, our church, our shops, our public houses, our habitat, transport in our area, our sports and other clubs? If so, why not join Churt Heritage?

We cover the whole of Churt Parish. Whatever your interest, there is a place for you. You may wish just to participate in our events. You may wish to join in our research.

We are not a ‘society’.  Everyone who is interested is automatically Churt Heritage.  There is no annual subscription.  This does mean, of course, that we have no source of income other than that we raise by the events we hold.  Donations to help with our work are very gratefully accepted.

We have established an archive and study room.  We hope that, in the future, and providing that there is a demand, that the room will be open for research and study.