Our Projects


We are starting a project which aims to collect and store our experiences of the pandemic.  It will be led by Manda Waller and Andrew Hall.

It may be a cliché but there is no doubt that we have been living through unprecedented times.  A time where we have been confined to our own homes; schools, shops and public buildings have been closed.  What have been your experiences?  How have you felt?

Future historians, say in 50 years’ time, will want to know, and Churt Heritage wants to provide some of that research material.  So please write it down and send it either via the ‘Contact us’ tab on this website, churtheritage.com or to churtheritage@gmail.com.  It will be safely stored on our ‘cloud’ and will be available for years to come.

Are you interested in any of these?

History of your own property or your area of the village

Recording your own memories of life in Churt

Transport and its impact on life in the village

Prominent local people

Local businesses – shops, public houses etc.

Churt then and now.  New photographs taken from the same spot as some of the old photos which we have in our archive (we can supply the old photos)

History of local authority housing (Churt has council houses built very early in the twentieth century.  Why was it necessary?)

Would you like to investigate any of these? Contact us with any ideas you have.