Who would have thought that over the years so many people of interest would have come to live in an area officially described in 1831 as containing ‘no capitalists, bankers, professional or other educated men’? 

So many interesting people have lived in Churt. Here are some of them, more to follow!

Henry Smithers, bird stuffer and egg collector

Colonel Wylie member of Sir John Hunt’s team which conquered Everest in 1952

Baron Nathan of Churt, formerly Liberal, and then Labour, politician and his wife who became Chairperson of the LCC


Francis Lancelott, author and musician

Philip Snowden, first Labour Chancellor of the Exchequer and his wife a prominent Suffragist

Lloyd George, Liberal Prime Minister

James Clark Hook, Liberal and Artist

Anthony Caro, sculptor

Elmslie John Horniman, Liberal politician, member of the Horniman Tea Company and benefactor of the Horniman Museum. Lived at Lowicks, architect Voysey.

Lindsey Clark, Robert, Philip and Michael sculptors and Katie one of the singing sisters ‘The Three Herons’


Philip de Laszlo, portrait painter buried at Tilford church

Colonel Ernest Rose, early automobilist and one of the founders of Glaxo

Colonel Mark Mayhew, early automobilist and one of the founding members and vice-president of the AA

Richard Carrington prominent Victorian astronomer

Admiral James